Kiểm Tra Độ Va Đập Chuẩn DUPONT


Application Field
Coating products such as paint, film, etc. , a plastic jet
ASTM D 1794
Product Description
◇ This tester is mainly used to evaluate the bond strength for film of paint such as mobile phone case, a plastic jet, a film, etc. by applying a shock. A coated specimen is placed horizontally, and a radius shaped punch becomes close. After selecting a certain height, a weight that has a constant load falls off.

◇ Option
Drop Height 1000mm


Model TO-300DU
Falling Height 50 ~ 500mm
Falling Interval 50mm
Falling Weight 300g, 500, 1000g
Punching Hammer R12.7, 6.3, 4.7, 3.2, 1.6mm
Concave of dies Plate, 6.3, 3.2, 1.6mm
Dimensions 400W×300D×760Hmm
Weight(Approx) 45kg

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